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Please see our scarf collection of rayon batik neck scarves in traditional, floral, abstract and animal patterns. 

Also available are batiked head scarves or bandanas and half sarongs made of luxurious, thick and flowing rayon.

We also carry a special collection of Indonesian made silk scarves featuring some of the worlds most talented batik artists from the island of Java.

Embroidered scarves in six colors can also be found here.

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How To Tie A Sarong

Scarf tying ideas

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Check out the slideshow to view some ideas on how to wear the different sizes and shapes of scarves.

In addition to being the classic bandana or neck scarf, they can  be used as a shawl, sash, belt, halter top, or even as a throw or table runner.

Have fun and be inventive with them, there are countless uses for these gorgeous works of art!

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