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Welcome to Curious Designs! We’re a quality and service orientated company in our 20th year of business. We’re truly devoted to providing you with the latest, most innovative and highest grade of Indonesian sarongs, batik clothing, scarves, bead strands, single beads, baskets and folk art.

Our roots in Indonesia are deep. Our success is reliant on honest and long-term relationships with many manufactures, suppliers, agents and friends. We like to think that we treat all of these wonderful people very well and that they enjoy working with us too!

Perhaps one of the more unique characteristics of our company is our attention to detail. Every order is checked 2 to 3 times for accuracy and to assure perfect quality. We will not ship seconds or undesirable choices! This is made easier, as initial control is applied before any product is shipped from Indonesia. Any undesirables that slip through are sorted out by us and sold at highly reduced prices! We back this up with an exchange program that assures your complete satisfaction with any of our products!

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